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Kelly-Milligan - Act of Emotion #360. DUMAS LIMBACH | DIGITAL ART | NFT | ART GALLERY | PARIS



Kelly Milligan lives in New Zealand. A developer with a passion for art, he has succeeded in combining the two activities. In his practice, Milligan translates practical code models into algorithmic, generative art. Interactive, his works are distinguished by their complex, bold composition. The texture, though digital, is almost organic. Milligan's visual vocabulary is inspired by Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock's action painting.  Act of emotion aims to retranscribe the physical, spitirual act of the artistic gesture. But can a robot create? Milligan's series was conceived through this prism. A true reflection on the future of automation and machine consciousness, Act of Emotion combines mechanical precision with human intuitiveness. Through a complex system, the viewer also becomes a creator. He or she is invited to complete the original trace. Milligan questions the convergence between painting, the act and its intention. About the artist, the machine and the viewer.

Act of Emotion, 


Interacting with the work :

⎵  space - pause

⌧  escape - start again

⇥  double click - provide a

human touch

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