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Born on January 6, 1966, Mat Collishaw is an English artist based in London. Through the prism of his work, he explores the language of image-making to examine the tensions between representation, perception and reality inherent in the interpretation of visual media, including photography and video.


Heterosis is a dynamic collection that combines genetic algorithms with blockchain technology to facilitate the hybridization of mutable digital flowers.

Heterosis is an unprecedented flower hybridization experience in which participants can grow their own custom flower. Heterosis tokens are 3D animated flowers that reproduce and evolve after being invented. Each flower has its own DNA or genetic code and can hybridize with any other flower in the collection. When the flowers are raised by their collectors, a new hybrid flower blooms with the characteristics of both parent flowers.

Mat Collishaw, Heterosis, Flowers, NFT


Mat Collishaw  | DUMASLIMBACH | NFT | DIGITAL ART | PARIS | ARTIST | Heterosis


This art project consists of a collection of reproducible, dynamic NFT flowers that exist in the digital portfolios of their respective owners, as well as collectively in an extraordinary metaverse called "Greenhouse". This is a virtual, post-apocalyptic recreation of London's National Gallery, a kind of immaterial garden both personal and shared for the owner of a Heterosis. All the NFT flowers in the collection can be seen growing in their original form among the overgrown, abandoned remains of this historic building.

Collectors can incarnate an avatar to wander through the surreal garden environment, interacting with other participants while discovering their flowers. Although they don't belong to them, they can see them in real time. Within this immersive digital universe, he then gains the power to admire their constant evolution.  Based on innovative technology, the artwork invites collectors to take part in an adventurous game and simultaneously question the fundamental principles of cryptographic space as a whole. Indeed, heterosis could not exist in any context other than that of blockchain.

Mat Collishaw  | DUMASLIMBACH | NFT | DIGITAL ART | PARIS | ARTIST | Heterosis


Mat Collishaw  | DUMASLIMBACH | NFT | DIGITAL ART | PARIS | ARTIST | heterosis


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